Why You Need A Sponsor To Get To Canada

What is the easiest way to travel to Canada? When you think about migrating to Canada either with your family or by yourself, the first thing you should think about is how to get to Canada faster or the easiest pathway to Canada. Although, there have been many acclaimed easy routes to Canada, one of the fastest and tested pathways to Canada is through sponsorship.

So, if you want to migrate to Canada fast, you need a job in Canada, or you want to permanently base in Canada, you need a sponsor for that. The Canadian government has made it so easy for family members who are in Canada to bring their relatives, dependent children, grandparents, and parents to Canada using the family sponsorship visa. There is also a sponsorship visa for spouses and conjugal partners to bring their loved ones to Canada.

One interesting part about a Canadian sponsorship visa is that anyone can be sponsored as long as you get a job and you meet the requirements. Employers in Canada are allowed to also sponsor a non-Canadian or an immigrant to Canada provided that there are no other Canadian or permanent residents available for the job or meet the skillset required for the job, and you meet the requirements to migrate and work in Canada.

Why You Need A Sponsor To Get To Canada

Aside from the fact that it is one of the easiest routes to move to Canada with little or no stress at all, you will also be saved from the hassle of searching through thousands of visa programs in Canada looking for the one that is best for you.

As a family, you have the opportunity to bring your loved ones to Canada and unite with them. However, you must be at least 18 years and above, a Canadian citizen, or a permanent resident, before you are eligible to become a sponsor.

The entire process of applying and obtaining a Canadian visa (which includes complicated language testing, documents compilation, and biometric screening. Which will most likely take six months or more in most cases) is so complex that when you are rejected the thought of starting all over again is a nightmare. Having a sponsor will not reduce the requirements needed for the visa, but it will most likely guarantee that when you meet the requirements, you will most definitely be guaranteed a visa to Canada.

Because Canada is in search of skilled workers who can improve their economy, they introduced the Employers Sponsorship Visa program to help attract skilled workers from across the globe to Canada. The majority of the skilled immigrant who is applying for a job in Canada has to either obtain sponsorship from the Canadian government, provincial government, or from a private firm in Canada which are the main source of employment sponsorship visa in Canada. You can also read our guide on how to get sponsorship to Canada.

Some of the best programs through which the Canadian government sponsors foreign workers to Canada are the Federal Skilled Worker Program and the Canadian express entry, these programs contribute a huge part in the number of skilled immigrants coming to Canada. Once you obtain a job offer from an employer in Canada and you meet the basic requirements for a work permit, you are sure to be sponsored to Canada.

Private firms can also sponsor a foreign worker. To do that, they must first obtain the Labor Market Impact Assessment document which will show or prove that there is a need to hire a particular foreigner to fill up a vacant position.

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