Roofing Jobs in Toronto Canada with visa sponsorship

Roofing Jobs in Toronto Canada with visa sponsorship

Roofing Jobs in Toronto Canada with visa sponsorship gives users the opportunity to access Canada with a free visa and a well-paying job. Canada is a diverse country, where everyone from different parts of the world would love to stay, work or go for site seeing purposes.

Toronto is the most populated city in Canada as such; it is referred to as a commercial hub of the country. Also, It is a land of immigrants, full of lots of opportunities. Hence, taking an average of the visa sponsorship program offered by the Canadian immigration service would not be a bad idea.

Seemingly, in this article, we will be giving you a detailed explanation on how to get a visa sponsorship for a roofing job in Toronto, so if you ask me, I will say you should keep reading to the end.

Roofing Jobs in Toronto Canada with visa sponsorship is a program that is organized by the Canada immigration service. However, you may be wondering why the program? Or rather why is it way introduced?

Well, over time Canadian government, took a good reconciliation and saw how the shortage of labour could affect its economy and companies all over Canada.

Hence, for this reason, it gave permission to companies and employers to employ foreign workers from other Countries. However, you will not be wrong if you say it is a big plus to you and Canada as a country. Well, before we go into details on roofing jobs in Canada with Visa sponsorship, we will be telling you what Visa sponsorship really is.

What is Visa Sponsorship?

In simple terms, visa sponsorship is when a family member or organization advocates for an individual’s visa. As the applicant for a visa, it means you have an advocate that supports your entry to Canada for the purpose stated in the Visa.

Visa sponsorship is open to everyone; however, it is classified under categories. Sponsoring a person to another country where you are residing is very easy.

This is to say, if he or she meets up with the needed requirement, you are given easy access to that effect. Hence, Visa sponsorship remains one of the most preferred means of immigrating to Canada or any other country of your choice.

What are Roofing Jobs?

Roofing operatives work on the roofs of new buildings and also repair or re-roof older structures. This can involve using a range of different materials, such as slates, tiles or materials for flat roofs, as well as fitting skylights. Roofing is one paying and most demanded job in Canada Toronto. This is because of several construction works that are carried out as days go by.

Visas for Roofing Jobs in Toronto Canada with visa sponsorship

The construction industry’s labour shortage is not new to anyone anymore, or is it? They struggle for years to hire the labour they need despite record industry employment.

However, the question of how an employer can fill positions in the construction industry in order to meet demands is alarming. Well, as an anticipating immigrant, the right visa to apply for when you get a job offer letter and also instruction to apply for a visa is the “H2B” visa.

H2B Visa for Roofing Jobs in Toronto Canada

With an H-2B visa, non-immigrant gust workers are permitted to work in Canada in temporary, non-agricultural Jobs. This program is not intended to provide a pathway to permanent residence or citizenship, and it does not have specific educational, occupational or skill requirements.

Employers who want to supplement their labour force with foreign workers should always carefully consider whether the work they need to be done falls under the eligibility requirement of the H2B program. Furthermore, in other to know, if you can seek labour certification, you have to meet the following need such as

  • Having valid federal employer identification.
  • Physical place of business in Canada.
  • Lastly, have a means by which you can be contacted for employment.

If you meet the above requirement, you can be allowed to sponsor any foreign worker of your choice.

How to apply for a Roofing Job Visa in Toronto Canada with visa sponsorship

Would you want to know how to get roofing in Canada with visa sponsorship? Then, you should consider the listed steps given below

  • Engage in online job hunting. You can do this by using any social media platform to search for jobs. You can also access the Canada website at
  • When you have a company that needs a foreign worker, you should go through the job description to ensure you are qualified for the job.
  • Set up a CV and application letter that the Canadian employers would love to see.
  • Up load it on the company employee portal.
  • If you are qualified, you will be called for an online interview where your pay rate will be determined.

Lastly, you will be sent a job offer letter and an instruction to apply for a visa when your employer has stated a petition on your behalf for visa sponsorship.

What to Do as a Roof Employed Person in Toronto Canada?

There are lots of things you can do with a roofing job in Canada as the list is endless. It doesn’t matter if you are a permanent resident or an H2B visa holder? There are lots of opportunities you can take advantage of, some of which include,

Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance is the periodical checking of all the vulnerable areas on a roof that could be susceptible to a problem, depending on the type of roof, whether it is residential or commercial. It will be annual, biannual or quarterly maintenance.

Roof Inspections

A roof inspection is simply an inspection that determines the integrity of a roof, how long it may last and when it will need replacement. Roof inspectors are not going to climb up on your roof or the roof of a home you are thinking of buying and pull-up shingles or tiles.

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