Dalhousie University Presidential Scholarship for Postgraduate Students 2023

For both international and national students hoping to gain scholarships, the Dalhousie university presidential scholarship is here again for you. The (Dalhousie University Presidential) Scholarship covers full tuition fees for students enrolled on full-time studies and a period up to two years.

The Dalhousie University continues to rank among the top 200 universities in the world making an impact in their communities and in the world at large. The latest tally highlights the university’s strengths in supporting good health and well-being, clean water and sanitation and responsible consumption and production.

Programs Funded/covered:

It is good to understand that this program does not cover all programs and as such, the programs listed below are the only available once. Applicants are therefore encouraged to keep their choices within this if they wish to be considered for the Dalhousie university presidential scholarship:

  1. NSERC (PGSD, CGSD, Vanier CGS)
  2. SSHRC (Doctoral, CGSD, Vanier CGS)
  3. CIHR (Doctoral, CGSD, Vanier CGS)
  4. Killam (Doctoral) – these offers are automatic when you apply for the doctoral program

Be registered as a full-time student within the first four years of your program

Your tuition is not covered by any other award, agency or government.

Scholarship Summary

Host Country: Canada

Study Abroad: Study in Canada

Category: Postgraduate Scholarships | PhD Scholarships

Eligible Countries: All Countries

Reward: Full Scholarship

Tuition fees: $12,000 per annum.

Application deadline:

Currently, no deadline has been made open. However, this does not mean that an interested partry should play to the extent of forgetting to submit an application as at when due.

Dalhousie Scholarship Eligibility:

For any person(s) applying for the Presidential Scholarship at Dalhousie University, the following must be met:

  1. Be a doctoral student of Dalhousie University
  2. Hold a full doctoral scholarship from one of these specified.

While waiting for the response (after submitting your application for the presidential scholarship, feel free to visit the online orientation program Together@Dal: Grad Edition. This will help you get familiarized with the school activities prior to resumption. This is a bonus tip for YOU.


Details about Dalhousie Scholarship:

This scholarship award (of the president) is aimed at recognizing and appraising the high academic achievements of students who have successfully been awarded major scholarships from the Killam doctoral or Tri-agency doctoral competitions.

It (the award) will cover full-time program tuition fees for up to two years, excluding incidental fees.

How long is the scholarship program?

The program will run for two years, excluding incidental fees.

How to Apply for the Dalhousie University Presidential Scholarship

Firstly, ensure that you follow the guide through the application process, from application deadlines (though not provided yet) to the documentation you will need to provide.

For national students, there is no need to apply. If you meet the eligibility requirements listed above, you will be automatically considered for one of the President’s Awards.

Furthermore, when you have been selected for an award, the Faculty of Graduate Studies will notify you and the department you are enrolling following your admission. The award will be verified and applied to your tuition each term for the duration of the award.

Having been told all you need to know about the Dalhousie University Presidential Scholarship, click HERE to begin your application NOW.


How do I accept my award?

To accept your award, log in in to Dal Online, selecting Awards & Financial Aid, and then View My Student Aid and choosing Accept.

Can I change my faculty?

If you decide to change your faculty or program after you have been awarded your scholarship, contact the Awards and Financial Aid Office so we can review your options with you as your scholarship amount may change.

When and how do I receive my award money?

You will be credited to your student account in two equal installments (mid-August and mid-December), in as much as you are registered full-time. If there be money left over from your scholarship after your fees are paid, you can request a refund from Student Accounts after the last day to add classes each term.

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